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Mission: to apply the best video, voice and data solutions, within budget, on time. To exceed expectations and constantly raise the bar - from sale to service.

ProNet Systems supplies, installs and services IP and digital/high definition video (CCTV), access control, voice over IP (VOIP) intercom and emergency call for security, loss control, productivity monitoring and life safety for multi-location applications.


In addition to CCTV, access control and electronic security, ProNet Systems provides high end optical turnstiles and audio solutions including sound masking for security or the general office environment.


The founders and associates of ProNet Systems, Inc. have many years of combined experience in applying video, access control and related applications.



Specialized Services


Client consultation and site surveys are the beginning of a process to identify needs and assess the status of existing systems. In the case of obsolete product, reverse engineering may be necessary before upgrade or migration is possible.


For new systems - design, conduit layout, audio and light readings are included prior to system design. Experience gained in designing systems for low light, wide-area and extreme conditions is an advantage even when the application is simple.


Technical differentiation, efficient processes, benchmarking and raising the bar; these are key priorities in all departments. Our goal is cost effective delivery, superior after-sale support and the "can do" attitude that will build client relationships for years to come.


Project documentation includes project program and resource commitment, Gantt and PERT charts. Client training varies with application, but is included as part of the commissioning process.


Equipment and installation is guaranteed for twelve months from hand-over and flexible preventative maintenance programs are also available. A lease option may be arranged as required.

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